Our church

At St Martins we offer a warm and friendly welcome to everyone. Church can be an intimidating place to visit, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

So what is church? In the New Testament, the Greek word that we translate as ‘church’ in our Bibles is ekklesia. It's an everyday word that meant ‘gathering'. So in Acts 19 where there is a riot in the city of Ephesus, it is used to describe both the unruly mob outraged by Paul’s teaching, and the regular assembly that gets together to discuss civic matters.

Now our church is neither a riot, nor like a local council meeting! But the word translated ‘assembly’ in these passages is the same one that is translated ‘church’ in most other passages in the New Testament. The word simply means a gathering or a congregation - even online!.

more than just a beautiful building

For. along time we've been saying,
you don’t go to church... if you are a Christian, then you are the church"

Although we have a beautiful building, church is actually the people in the building. In our church, we invite everyone to experience God both intellectually and relationally. We hope that through gathering everyone will experience the hope, love and joy that comes from a community of friends who love Jesus.

At St Martins we are a church not for ourselves. We always try to keep our eyes on what would most help everyone including the skeptic who is trying out church for the first time. As such we have a range of services so that anyone can feel welcome. Whether our classic prayer book service with the familiar hymns or our contemporary 10am Service or our Chinese congregation in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

It's all about jesus

The bible, God’s word, is central to what we do. What the bible says, God says, and it’s all about Jesus. The preaching of this gospel (ie. The good news about Jesus) enables us to understand the bible, think why is this important for me and apply the gospel to our lives. In each of our five services, as in our daily lives, we seek to hear God’s word and say our prayers.

Our St Martins vision is to see “Changing lives through grace in prayer, care discipleship and worship”. God’s grace changes everything. So we place our emphasis on the unique good news of the gospel, rather than on raising the profile of individual ministers or trendy programs. God has loved us and so we love others. Just like Jesus did, we aim to get everyone involved in volunteering to serve the needs of others, and in home groups so we can do life together. We prayerfully and financially partner with a number of mission, mercy and justice organisations. All of this can be seen as the visible outworking of a commitment to the gospel.

Welcome home!