a beautiful church wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! We have a beautiful church for your wedding at St Martins Killara on Sydney's North Shore.  We look forward to helping you to have a great wedding and marriage.

It's simple to make an inquiry online.

  1. Check our current bookings to see if the date you are planning is potentially available (see below)
  2. If your preferred date and time is available

    fill in a wedding enquiry form
  3. We'll contact you to confirm the availability of your preferred date and set up a time to meet with one of our ministers
  4. See wedding preparation resources to download and other links here.

Note: the service can be conducted in Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) as we have a Chinese speaking minister.

Current bookings

The following dates have weddings confirmed and so may NOT be available:


31 May

31 Aug

27 Sept

28 Sept

14 Dec

Please click here to fill in a wedding inquiry form to "pencil in" your booking.


Here is a basic breakdown for 2024:

  • Marriage preparation - cost for Prepare/Enrich is $46 & payable when you complete the online questionnaire.
  • The donation for the use of the church is  $1700 for 2024, payable two months before wedding. (Includes use of sound equipment).
  • Organist fee $350. (if required)
  • The Verger / sound desk technician fee $300.
  • Parish Hall Rental (if required) $500 + mandatory public Liability insurance purchased by user (approx $280)
  • Flowers/bows are by your own arrangement and should be coordinated with Marie in the office. 

frequently asked questions

What is marriage in the Anglican Church?

Our church holds to the classic biblical understanding taught by Jesus that marriage is lifelong union between a man and woman. It is a symbol of God's love for his people, and of the union between Christ and his Church. It is a gift from God for human wellbeing, and for the proper expression of natural instincts and affections with which he has endowed us. In marriage a new family is established so that children may be born and nurtured in secure and loving care.  Under Australian law, religious celebrants can only conduct weddings according to the rites of their religion. In the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney there are no rites for a same-sex wedding, so our ministers could not conduct such a wedding.

What kind of marriage preparation is required?

To help you prepare for you marriage we get all couples married at St Martin's to undergo some form of Pre-Marriage education. This is most often, undertaking the Prepare course. You will also meet with the minister who will conduct your wedding.

Can we "bring our own" celebrant/minister?

All weddings conducted at St Martin's will be officiated at by one of the Ministers at St Martin's according to the rites of the Anglican church. Other Christian ministers may be involved at the discretion of the Rector.

Do you have to be Anglican, Christian or baptised?

No, there is no requirement.  Often though this is a time when couples re-assess their Spiritual life together and we will be pleased to encourage you to take the next step that is appropriate for you in your spiritual journey.

Do you marry divorced persons?

Yes it is possible with the permission of the bishop. We seek to be as compassionate and helpful as possible.  A preliminary appointment with the minister enables us to understand the circumstances and see if we able to proceed.  From there we are able to tailor your preparation appropriately.

How many does the church seat?

St Martins comfortably seats 250-275 people and is ideal for both small and large weddings. However, due to Covid19 restrictions that apply when applicable, the church can accomodate 90 persons based on the 4m2 rule and 180 persons based on the 2m2 rule. This excludes the Minister and any paid staff. Attending a Sunday or Wednesday service will give you an idea of the space and feel of our beautiful church.

Church music and bells

We have an organist available to play at your wedding.  If you wish to organise your own musicians or band please discuss this with the minister at the first interview.  

We have a single bell that may be rung on your arrival and exit. 

Due to the Covid19 restrictions, singing is allowed by congregation with masks on.

You may have a soloist or play any music through our sound desk.

Do you have facilities for refreshments after the wedding?

Contact the office for more details.